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This section contains a lot of useful stuff for the preparation of various security exams. This study material is free to use for personal purposes. Not to be used for any commercial purposes. This section will be updated with new stuff in due course of time.

Cyber Security Awareness Resources are free to use ( only attribution required in the commercial workspace)

Happy Learning.

Available Downloads :

Mind Map - Security Basics - Click Here to download.

Mind Map - Access Control - Click Here to download.

Mind Map - Risk Management - Click Here to download.

Free Resources on the Internet:

  1. Wentz Wu (Blog) -
  2. CISSP Questions & Flashcards -
  3. Adam Gordon (QOTD) -
  4. IT Dojo -
  5. ISC2 CISSP Glossary -

Study Guides :

  1. Sunflower Notes 2.0
  2. The-Memory-Palace-by-Prashant-Mohan-2023

CyberSecurity Awareness Posters