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Welcome to YouTube Channel - Learning Security with Mayur. Here is the list of all the live episodes on the channel or about to be launched. This will detail the skills you will be learning, study material and resources, practice tests, etc. 

Share the list of topics you are interested in learning in the comment(s) section.

Live Episodes :

Episode 00 - What is the channel about? 

Understand how you can benefit from the channel by understanding what will it be all about, topics, upload frequency, etc.

Episode 01 - The Security Triad

Skills Learned: Information Security, Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability

Episode 02 - Understanding Vulnerability, Threat, Risk, Threat Agent

Skills Learned: Basics of Security

Episode 03 - Fraud Prevention

Skills Learned: Separation of duties/collusion / split knowledge/ mandatory vacation/rotation of duties/non-repudiation / due care / due diligence 

Episode 04 - Countermeasures

Skills Learned: Controls / Safeguards / Control functionalities and types /defense in depth / Layering 

Episode 05 - Security Controls Deployment

Skills Learned: COBIT, NIST 800-53, and COSO

Episode 06 - Risk Management - Part 1 

Skills Learned: What is Risk? / Understanding Risk Assessment & Analysis

Episode 07 - Risk Management - Part 2

Skills Learned: Risk Analysis Approaches - Qualitative / Quantitative

Episode 08 - Risk Management - Part 3

Skills Learned: Risk Treatment / Residual Risk / Total Risk

Episode 09 - Risk Management - Part 4

Skills Learned: Risk Analysis Approaches - Qualitative & Quantitative

Episode 10 - Risk Management - Part 5

Skills Learned: Control Selection, Cost Benefit Analysis, Risk treatment options, Residual Risk, Total Risk

Episode 11 - The Documentation 

Skills Learned: Policies, Standards, Guidelines, Procedures, and Baselines

Episode 12 - Types of Policies

Skills Learned: General Policy Types – Regulatory, Advisory & Informative

Episode 13 - How to write a Security Policy

Skills Learned: Creating a security policy

Episode 14 - Security Awareness Training 

Skills Learned: Training aspects, Security Awareness benefits, Creating a security awareness program for your organization

Episode 15 - Subject, Object & Access Control

Skills Learned: Understanding subject, object, and types of access control

Episode 16 - IAAA Part 1

Skills Learned: Understanding the Identification and Authentication aspect of the IAAA cycle

Episode 17 - IAAA Part 2

Skills Learned: Understanding the Authorization and Accountability aspect of the IAAA cycle

Episode 18 - Types of Identification and Authentication 

Skills Learned: Techniques of Authentication such as Passwords, Biometrics, Tokens, and Certificates.

Upcoming Episodes :

New Episodes Coming Soon.